Silent Seizures Symptoms

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Silent Seizures Symptoms

A seizure is caused by abnormal impulses in the brain. Our brains are composed of millions of nerves that carry impulses to all parts of our body. When these impulses tend to shift in a more abrupt and uncontrollable manner, a seizure can happen. The Symptoms of seizure vary depending on which part of the brain experiences a burst of electrical impulses. Some may experience rigidity of the whole body but some may experience symptoms of silent seizures which to some may go unnoticed.

Silent Seizure Symptoms: Daydreaming

Symptoms of Silent Seizures or absence seizure can sometimes go unnoticed. It is a generalized condition that mainly affects children and young people. Its symptoms are not like those of a convulsive type wherein there is rigidity, straightening of the limbs and thus causing the person to fall down. It is characterized by a state of silence or a trance-like state. For example, a person experiencing silent seizure or absence seizures can just seem to pause for a while with a blank expression, thus the term daydreaming.

Typical Silent Seizures Symptoms

Absence Seizures are classified into two groups. Typical Silent Seizure or absence seizures symptoms are characterized by symptoms wherein the person suddenly stops at what he is doing in the present moment. This usually last between ten or twenty seconds. It is where the person becomes unresponsive, having a blank stare. Sometimes a person can also experience symptoms like fluttering of the eyelid or smacking of the lips. After this state, the people usually continue what they are doing without remembering what has just happened.

Atypical Silent Seizures Symptoms

While Typical Silent Seizures last for a few seconds, Atypical Silent Seizures Symptoms last a lot longer than that. Symptoms may include profound motor activities which include bending forward or even falling. And sometime after this, the persons may feel puzzled by what had happened. They can also become a bit responsive throughout the state. The symptoms do not happen abruptly but slower that is why it is hard to recognize that the person is experiencing a seizure.

What To Do In The Event Where You See Someone Experiencing Symptoms Of Silent Seizures?

It is very important to know the symptoms of Silent Seizures so that you will recognize if a person is having an attack. And when you know that he is under a seizure attack, you should also know what to do. The first thing to ensure when you see someone with a seizure attack is his or her safety. Stay with the person until the attack has stopped. Remove anything in the place that can cause injury to the person. Do not restrain someone who is in a seizure. Sometimes this event does not need immediate medical attention but take note that if the seizure continues or lasts for more than five minutes, call an ambulance. Also when there is no regaining of consciousness between seizures or the person was injured, seek a medical attention as fast as possible.

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